Media Committee Conference Call Report

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by: Erica Schoon

Mitch is out of town and out of reach of the WWW this week, so he asked me to send out a summary of Thursday’s conference call to get everyone up to speed. I’m doing this from memory, so please feel free to reply all if I forget anything important.

On the call: Tim, Erica, Mitch, Fiona, Caitie, Jonathan, Brent

  • Mitch went over the various committees (Media, Legislation, Art, Direct Action) and discussed the media committee’s role.
  • Each person shared what contribution they saw themselves bringing to the table–writing, website development, educator contacts, media contacts, press releases, etc.
  • Mitch went over the 5 points established by Be the Changers in May that he’d sent out in a previous email.

Brainstorming session:

  1. CONFERENCE:Caitie talked about the importance of the upcoming August 7-8 conference. We all want to help publicize it and attend if at all possible. She sent us the website: This conference should be a really great jumping off point for the whole group of Be the Changers.
  2. PUBLICITY/MATERIALS/WEBSITE:We talked about the role of the media committee as the publicity and materials team for the whole campaign, both providing materials and helping publicize the projects of all the committees. This may involve a process of centralizing information on the web, maybe on the GPJC page…For those interested in working with that idea, please contact Ayman Fadel, who runs the GPJC page.
  3. RESEARCH:We also talked about how our committee can really take the reins with the research aspect of this campaign, which everyone at the convergence agreed was crucial. We need facts and stats for our materials and a real handle on the problems and solutions in GA. We all agreed to start researching on our own and sharing good resources we find (via email or posted to everyone on the Google group). We may also pursue a research workshop (at UGA library?).
  4. DECLARATION:The idea was proposed that we get things started by writing a piece to submit to newspapers across GA with the 5 points of the campaign, some elaboration, and a basic declaration that youth in GA are standing up for quality public education.
  5. FALL ELECTIONS:We discussed our potential ability to publicly engage candidates in the fall election about their stances on public education issues as a way to get the issues out there and make sure young people’s interests are being represented in the elections. I believe the consensus was that after the primaries, we’ll have a better handle on how to move forward in this department.

    After brainstorming, we discussed our next meeting time. We will have a conference call on Tuesday, August 3rd at 5pm. Then we want to all meet up in person in Atlanta the weekend of the conference for those who are able to attend. Please come if at all possible. (And bring your friends!) The conference is free, and Caitie mentioned there are even travel scholarships available I think. Then after the conference, I think we’ll have another conference call.

    OK let’s get to work. Please share resources and share what you are working on (newspaper piece, website development, research, workshop??) so that others can join in. We have plenty to work on. Mark your calendar for our next call TUESDAY AUGUST 3rd at 5pm!!

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